In the past decade LinkedIn has positioned itself as a major social media platform. LinkedIn has now become a global ubiquitous platform for professionals to network with each other.

As LinkedIn has grown in popularity, the platform has embraced advertising more readily – offering advanced analytics, search options and sponsored posts.

As a B2B small business, LinkedIn provides a cost-effective way to generate more leads, nurture your relationships with existing clients and network with potential customers.

Below are our top LinkedIn B2B marketing tips for small businesses.


1.    Grow your presence through shared content

Whilst Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks promote endless liking and following, on LinkedIn users are more selective in whom they choose to connect with or follow.

As a result, the content you produce, if targeted and relevant, is more likely to generate traction. This is what has made LinkedIn the most popular social media platform for B2B marketers in 2017. Content on LinkedIn has the potential to reach and influence more people than any other platform.


2.    Tell an engaging story through your company page

LinkedIn grows noisier everyday. To cut through the mess and engage users you can use the principles of storytelling to sell your brand and your message.

Making sure that your company page is filled out as fully as possible is important. Use language and imagery that humanises your brand and explains your business’ history and direction.


3.    Engage with relevant LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are terrific sources for generating leads. People on groups are eager to find solutions to their problems.

Nobody likes being sold anything on groups; however, by providing helpful solutions, and being a positive member of the LinkedIn community, groups are great ways to engage and raise awareness about your brand.


4.    Thought leadership through content marketing

Trust is the foundation of good brand marketing. By employing a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn – such as sharing articles, blog content or preparing SlideShare content – your business will be able to position itself as a though leader.

Leadership and trust do not happen overnight, but brands that consistently share reliable content produce better quality leads. Consider adopting a content marketing strategy to nurture leads and raise awareness.


5.    LinkedIn as a public relations tool

In traditional marketing and communications, public relations activities were mainly limited to events and press releases. With LinkedIn you have a global network at your fingertips and access to several key media personnel and influencers.

By engaging with journalists and influencers online, you will be able to set up the relationships with stakeholders in the media before you need them.


6.    Use sponsored content to target decision makers

The advanced targeting features on LinkedIn’s sponsored content allow you to direct your messaging to the right people within any organisation.

In B2B marketing, your decision-making unit is made up of a broad spectrum of individuals – ranging from managers to interns. With sponsored content you can put the right message in front of the right person every time.


7.    Use your company page as a lead generation page

Your company page is a great lead generation tool. Write all your content as if it were an answer to a potential lead’s problem. Place a confident call to action and several links to you website and other online resources.

The more content you push, the more likely they will browse your company page and potentially click on a link to your site.


8.    Advanced search features as a networking tool

The advanced search features on LinkedIn provide you with a powerful networking tool. You can target your searches based on age, income, industry and much more.

Use your personal account to promote your business and build networking connections.


9.    Create showcase pages

LinkedIn allows you to create ‘Showcase pages’ for companies to promote individual brands. Showcase pages are an excellent way to segment any inbound traffic to your LinkedIn page. Each showcase page should target one target audience; the more specific the better.



LinkedIn is an exciting platform for B2B bLinusinesses to nurture leads and generate new business opportunities.

By adopting LinkedIn as part of your overall B2B marketing strategy early on, you will situate yourself well as the platform grows in popularity.


For more information about LinkedIn marketing strategies read The Lead Agency’s B2B marketing blog here. If you are looking for an Australian B2B marketing team to help your business contact The Lead Agency today.