Remarketing is one of the most powerful PPC tools available to marketers and businesses. However, remarketing has a poor reputation. We’re going to explain today the real value of display marketing and hopefully win you over to employ it in your day-to-day marketing activities.


Is Remarketing Effective?

Due to the nature of what you might be selling, remarketing may not be an option for you. However, if you do have the opportunity to employ remarketing as part of your overall marketing strategy you should jump on it.

Remarketing is a powerful tool, especially when dealing with products or services with long lead cycles – counselling, real estate and estate law come to mind. Remarketing is also a favoured tool of B2B marketers across the globe.

Remarketing has the potential to dramatically increase the quality of your leads, while also capturing prospects who might have forgotten about you entirely.


How Effective is Remarketing?

There are several reasons why remarketing can dramatically improve the results of your campaign. If employed correctly it may provide you with cheaper clicks and conversions. Below are some of the main reasons remarketing is as effective as it is.


1.     Your Conversion Rates Increase With More Ad Impressions

The more users see your ads, the more familiar they are with them. Although remarketing may not always spur your customer to click there and then, they do have a big impact on your final conversion rates.

As a result, remarketing is an excellent way to boost the results you may be seeing from your other channels.


2.     Customers Have Warmed Up to Remarketing Ads

When remarketing first became apparent, a lot of the general public considered it a bit ‘creepy’ and ‘invasive’. The times have changed, however, as remarketing has become a regular part of everyone’s digital life.

Just as advertising in print may have seemed a bit manipulative or unordinary, it is now very well understood.


3.     You Can Gain Significant Reach Through Facebook And Google

If you want the most value for money, then remarketing is definitely for you. The Google Display Network reaches over 90% of the internet, reaching at least 65% of those trillions of networks on a day-to-day basis.

By targeting Facebook and the Google Display Network you are able to reach a wide audience.


4.     Remarketing Is A Terrific Brand Building Tool

Building a brand can be tough just using text and ad copy. The benefits of the Google Display Network and Facebook PPC advertising are that there is a visual component.

Remarketing is a great tool for building your brand and raising awareness of your products and services.


5.     Cut out the middle man – improve your sales funnel

Remarketing is also advantageous as the right ad in front of the right customer at the right time may lead to directly to a sale – depending on your product or service.

The idea that prospects must follow a sales funnel is out-dated. In today’s digital environment, buyers may be ready to purchase at any stage.

Remarketing ads provide a consistent touch point across all stages of your customer’s buyer journey.

6.     Search Ads May Have A High Conversion Rate, But Display Ads Aren’t Bad Either

Display advertising does not have a good reputation for high conversion rates, and compared to search advertising it does lag. However, display ads aren’t as dismal as you are led to believe.

As display advertising has matured, the conversion rates of remarketing display ads have increased significantly – to the point where it is a highly competitive PPC advertising option.


Can Remarketing Have a Negative Impact?

Let’s be honest, remarketing can have it’s negative aspects too. The major concern is measuring whether the people you are targeting are genuinely interested in the product you are placing in front of them.

Luckily, thanks to increasing innovations in the fields of machine learning ad artificial intelligence, networks such as Google are able to make far more accurate predictions about the quality of leads.

If you are worried about spamming your target audience, the option to use ‘frequency capping’ is always there.



In summary, remarketing can be a powerful tool for any marketing campaign if used correctly. The growing sophistication of tracking and features like sentiment analysis, mean that remarketing is an increasingly relevant marketing activity.


For more information about remarketing best practice, read The Lead Agency’s B2B marketing blog here. If you are looking for an Australian B2B marketing team to help your business contact The Lead Agency today.